The Covid-19 pandemic has had serious repercussions on all sectors of the economy worldwide. However, the luxury industry has been affected the most, and products like clothes and shoes rule the major part of the luxury world. Asia, that is the main hub of production of garments and footwear has exhibited a halt and is predicted to experience major devastating consequences.


Designer lawns in Pakistan and India have fallen within the past four months and have been predicted to fall further as the pandemic continues to grow. The sales revenue has decreased as people are prioritizing saving money and avoiding reckless spending over luxuries. The fashion designers have reciprocated to these changes in such a way that they have increased the offers and sales on the collection – a tactic to attract customers!


So far there have been no cases reported of clothes being the carrier of the Coronavirus. The virus mainly resides on plastic and metal but not on fabric. So there are no chances of emitting this disease through clothes, on the contrary, if you go outside and someone sneezes on your clothes (and he has coronavirus) then when you touch your clothes so there is a possibility of the virus being passed down. In order to avoid this, one should frequently wash their hands and clothes. This would protect you and your family and keep you safe.


Since everyone is locked inside and is unable to leave the premises of their house, they have extreme enthusiasm and excitement for everything once this pandemic is over. People would shop more and specifically spend on clothes and shoes because the long gap will bring major modifications to the fashion trend. When people would leave the house after several months they would want to buy new clothes for all the events they missed and the family and friends get together. Henceforth more shopping!


The outbreak of the Coronavirus has affected many – whether it be an industry, a firm or even an individual. And no one knows when an antidote would be invented so it’s better to stay cautious. Social distancing is the only best way to prevent transmission of this disease and stay healthy.

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