For women in Pakistan shopping is never assumed done without putting their energy, time and money in the shopping of branded suits. What makes our women special is their advancement of demanding something new in every new season collection. Whether it is the dusky season of pre-winter shopping, or it is the pre-spring shopping when the freshness of nature is just around the corner, whether it is cotton, linen, khaddar, or whether it is Designer Lawn in Pakistan, our women are always ready to wear new versions of collections.

Eye-Catching Designer Lawn Suits In Pakistan

As the season of winter starts molding itself into the spring, there comes the time when women start feeling the need of clothing, which must be a fusion of light & soft fabric with eye-soothing mixtures of color palates. Tasneem Shamim’s focus has always been to provide the right thing at the right time. With our collection focused on the latest designer suits in Pakistan, it is time to announce our Ornate Collection.

Trendy Unstitched Pakistani Lawn Suits

What gives us an edge over others is your trust, and what gives you an edge on others is our ornate collection of designer lawn in Pakistan. The lust of pure lawn, with colors fused over them to make you outstand all, Tasneem Shamim’s Ornate collection, from CC-01 to CC-05, is on top of unstitched Pakistani lawn suits collection.

Trendy Borders in Ornate CC-01

With an affordable price of 2,618 rupees only now, Ornate CC-01 is a fusion of blue and green colors on the canvas of pure lawn. The beauty of embroidery on the front, and the projection of digital printing on the back, sleeves & on the dupatta of this pure lawn canvas, is something which would put water in your mouth. The blue dyed trouser puts the Ornate CC-01 ahead all the designer lawn in Pakistan. The most eye-catching feature of this collection is the trendy borders of sleeves, shirts, and dupatta.

Artful Printing Of Ornate CC-02

Get your hands on our Ornate CC-02 with only 2,993 rupees now. This neckline article of Tasneem Shamim’s ornate collection is a fusion of green color palettes with dyed trouser is a gem to wear. The neckline, borders, trouser bunch are embroidered on this suit, while the shirt, sleeves, and dupatta are the digital printed lawns, taking this article to the level of top designer lawn in Pakistan. The most edge-giving part of this article is the beauty of contrast and the borders of its dupatta.

Catchy Colors Of Ornate CC-03

There is no reason you should neglect the beauty of Tasneem Shamim’s Ornate CC-03. With the reasonable price of just 3,368 now, this dusky fusion of brown and orange is going to give make you stand out beautifully. The front of the shirt, sleeves, and its dupatta are digital printed lawn, while the neckline, borders, and trouser bunch is a fine piece of embroidery. With its orange dyed trouser, this article gives a pure transition of dusky evenings. All this with trendy borders of its sleeves and dupatta is the reason for this article to be considered as one among the best designer lawn in Pakistan.

Sequins On The Daman Of Ornate CC-04

Not a single eye can ignore a single sight of Tasneem Shamim’s Ornate CC-04. Now with an affordable price of 2,993 rupees only, this article is the blend of orange and purple depicting the sense of sunset in the evening sky. The shirt, sleeves, and dupatta are digital printed lawn. Trouser bunch and the borders of the sleeves are beautifully embroidered, while the trouser is dyed in the shade of purple spreads on the sky after the sunset. The best part of the article is the Daman of the shirt with Sequins embroidered borders, which gives the article the beauty justifying itself to be one among the top designer lawn in Pakistan.

The Soothing Sea-Green Ornate CC-05

We can bet you will get hit with a soothing feeling after seeing Tasneem Shamim’s Ornate article CC-05. Now with a reasonable price of 3,368 rupees only, this Tasneem Shamim’s Ornate Article is a blend of dull shades of golden and sea green color palettes. The shirt, sleeves, and its dupatta are made of digital printed pure lawn. While the neckline, borders, and the trouser bunch are elegantly embroidered. The dyed sea green trouser with embroidery is what makes this whole article standing far ahead of all the top designer lawn in Pakistan.

Designer Lawn Suits Online In Pakistan

With each passing day, the use of technology is getting mainstreamed. Consequently, the rate of women opting to shop online is increasing as well. There are several reasons behind this behaviour of women today. Some of the valid reason might be their busy schedules, etc. In order to save their time, some of them just go through an online window shopping. While on the other hand, there is a number of women in the country who are actively involved in online shopping of products. Keeping this behaviour in our mind, Tasneem Shamim’s online store caters this issue by providing the best designer lawn suits online in Pakistan.

We value all of our online customers by providing them the best online shopping services one could. From orders above 3000 rupees, we remove the shipping charges from your order and deliver that order to you with literally no charges at all. Besides free shipping, another most important concern is to provide your package as soon as possible, because we know that our customers always look forward to wear their latest collections. Apart from these services, we also make sure that your online transaction must be kept secured because the secure experience is the key for better customer relation.

Designer Lawn for Women in Pakistan

With all our love, respect, and gratitude towards our customers, we are happy to announce the Eid sale with exciting discounts on our collections. For you, our ornate collection is on 25% off its actual prices. So get the best designer lawn in Pakistan as soon as possible and stun the world with our latest ornate collection.

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