Clothes take a healthy amount of our budget each year and it’s important to know how to take care of them if you want to save some money each year. Clothes are something we use every day and thus they require more care than all the other products we own. There are a number of ways to take care of your clothes so they can last longer without losing their original charm.

Know Yourself

It begins with what you like to wear and how much you can sacrifice your time to give your clothes the care they need. To maintain a wardrobe, you must be aware of your clothing habits. Don’t buy clothes which require dry-cleaning only or excessive ironing if you can’t afford their proper care because then soon you will be looking to get rid of those clothes.

Folding vs. Hanging

It can save a lot of time if you know which clothes to hand and which to fold. Don’t fold the dress shirts and don’t hang the sweater as it can leave it stretched.

Color Wisely

Go for bright color clothes if you have a habit of spilling beverages down your front. Colors like charcoal grey, navy blue, chocolate brown or other dark colors can hide stains.

Stop Laundering Frequently

Washing clothes after wearing it for once only is the fastest way to make fibers break down. Unless the clothes have gone really sweaty or muddy, there is no need to give them wash every other day, the fewer times they are washed, the longer they will last. This goes especially to ladies who wear lawn dresses, their prints and colors may get faded due to frequent wash, also ensure to wash them separately as some time the leave colors.

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Save all those Buttons

If you get the spare buttons with your new clothing, immediately keep them safely in box or jar for buttons and thread. Finding the same buttons of your outfit can be hard and it’s the easiest way to make your outfit useless.

Follow the Laws of Color Separation

After the long day at work and coming home to loads of laundry, you may want to throw the blues in with the reds, but try to keep them separate as they can easily catch each other colors and nobody likes they blue sock turning out to be a totally different color after coming out of a wash.

Zip Up Hoodies/ Jeans Before Washing Them

Ensure all your hoodies and pants are zip up as they can chew up the other clothes in the washing machine in no time.

Clean and/or Polish Your Shoes Frequently

Polishing your shoes frequently or wiping them with a damp cloth will keep the dirt from settling into the cracks, and refrain leather from getting too dry.

These are the few tips which you can follow to make your clothes, even the cheap ones to last longer. Taking care of your clothes is not that hard is it sounds, a little here and there and you will find a wardrobe full of fresh and new looking clothes for a longer period of time.

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