In Pakistani culture and in most of South Asia, a dupatta is one of the essential attire of women. It is such a versatile piece of garment that women love to drape it in a new style each day. Nevertheless, when you have such an excellent closet collection, nobody would like to follow the old-school styles of draping a dupatta.

To give you gorgeous new options, we have listed down some of the best ways to drape your dupatta so you can steal the limelight where ever you go.

All the Way from the Shoulder

From many beautiful dupatta draping styles, this way to carry is simply mind-blowing. The free-falling dupatta from shoulder doesn’t require creases or pleats. Moreover, it goes with both shalwar-kameez and sharara. The beauty of applying style makes it the perfect choice for both formal and casual events.


This style can be called as the trendiest style among the ladies of Pakistan and India. It is compatible with all types of clothing across the borders, like churidars, shalwar kameez, anarkali, suits, sharara, and gharara. It is the easiest way to save yourself a bunch load of time by leaving the dupatta on one side of your shoulder and be in the limelight of the party.

The Neck Wrap

This gorgeous draping style lets you show-off your full outfit. Wrap the dupatta around your neck and you are all ready to add a charm to your outfit. It’s a nice way of draping that looks glamorous while allowing you to keep your neck warm.

The Head Cover

This style is the most famous among the Pakistani brides because it just looks so stunning and it never loses its charm. Beautiful brides dressed in sharara or gharara ought to choose this graceful dupatta hanging style. This technique includes the back-side of the dupatta covering the head. It can easily be called the great marriage dupatta carrying style that gives the bride a slim look.

Pakistani Dupatta Drape

This style is popular among women who adore ethnic. The hanging style is tossed over the head and finishes off the dupatta end sliding over the wrist. Whether it’s the left wrist or right, it looks mind-blowing. This style looks better on all those ladies who wear head embellishment or MaangTikka. Flaunt your sharara or gharara with this forever-green style as it defines our unique traditions.

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