Due to the uniqueness and elegance of South-Asian culture, the western brands were always able to take something from them, even the trending lawn suits designs, to bring innovation in their fashion industries and throwing out new trends. Many of the brands have been vocal about the source of inspiration which came from the rich South Asian cultures, however, some remained silent about it. Anyway, here we’ll tell you about some of the Western fashion trends inspired by the South Asian culture, no matter if some designers want to keep it their little secret.

Peshawari Chappal

The famous Paul Smith launched a certain type of shoe which had a familiar look. He named it the Robert Sandal, with a price of over 70,000 Rupees. The only issue with the Sandal was, it was an exact copy of our very own Peshawari Chappal, which is easily available everywhere, costing only a few hundred to a couple of thousand rupees. After being heavily criticized, the brand has to take them down and renamed them to “Men’s high-shine black leather sandals inspired by the Peshawari chappal”.


It wouldn’t have caught our attention if the price tag wouldn’t be of a few thousand dollars. When Gucci introduced its silk kaftan with floral print, it seemed like an everyday kurta that Pakistani ladies wear so commonly, mostly from designer lawn in Pakistan. Why would anyone pay so much, if the similar is easily available in far less price? However, this trend caught the eyes of many in the western world. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid even bought a kurta from a Pakistani brand to wear for Eid celebrations.

Truck Art

The west went obsessed with Pakistani truck art. The bright striking colors and beautiful patterns are always eye-catching. Especially Dolce & Gabbana got extremely inspired by it and launched kitchen appliances to apparel with similar colors and patterns pasted over their collections.

Shalwaar Kameez

The fashion world got flabbergasted as the fashion giant Versace showcased its Spring/Summer collection in 2016, influenced massively by Eastern wear. The models were seen wearing typical shalwar kameez with the blazer and amazed the crowd.

Teeka/Head Jewelry

South Asian Jewelry is loved all over the world. The detailed work and mesmerizing designs are truly fabulous. Their love for South Asian jewelry was showcased when a designer like Chanel launched their collection with the models wearing Teekas like headpieces. Karl Lagerfeld himself said that the collection was inspired by “last days of the Raj.”

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