Pakistani traditional embroidered dresses got full recognition because of its own culture and heritage the dresses are in demand nowadays. Pakistan’s traditional dresses are specially designed in embroidery style, which is our culture for ages. Old times ago, the embroidery was handmade on the dresses and women used threads, stones, a variety of yarn apply on different fabrics. This hard work used to make a stunning and stylish piece of clothing. Since industries developed, now we have machines to do this all in no time.


GotaKinnari is from the old times like the 80s, which was a work of gold or silver lace on the dress to make a shiny and perfect fancy touch, now in the trend. Though people used to wear this type of clothing on wedding attire whereas the strips of real gold and silver were crafted on the dress. This was an expensive investment, but time changed it a lot with the inexpensive options which are reliable and durable.

In Pakistan brides usually, these heavy work embroidery dresses on their wedding also the bride’s sisters and cousins adopt such dresses with the multi-coloured dress. Most fabulous colours are orange, green or yellow got kinnari dresses on henna function. However, people show their creativity in dresses to make them more beautiful.


The zardozi work on dresses never gets old with time it still lives in the fashion industry and has high demands as fancy dresses. This work includes metallic embroideries which were once royal attire, to give a dress classy and luxurious embellish look with stones and pearls added.

You can choose the perfect colour suits your personality and get fabulous among the parties or ready for turning heads outfit for the occasion. Zardozi embroidery looks awesome on fuchsia, pink, and black or white as well you can take net dupatta on the long shirt. This kind of embroidery makes formal dresses for wedding occasions most likely.


According to today’s fashion Multani, embroidery dresses have become the trend even though it sounds like old times. But most of the Pakistani designers are enhancing the Multani embroidery in their collections with a touch of hand embroidery.

These dresses are not limited to the specific region now are most fabulous and in demand across Pakistan. The embroidery kurtas give you a stylish and lavish look with informal dresses of applique work on plain fabric with colourful dupatta. Salwar suit and full sleeves embroidery dresses beautifully designed, gives a traditional and cultural look to the dress.


People are now trending embroidery dresses that have been captivating a secure place in the fashion industry in many forms. Embroidery with threads, wool, laces, stones, pearls, applique work, and tussles are the need of Pakistan’s fashion. When you go on shopping, you will find out such embroidery dresses everywhere in the market. There is a considerable range of gotakinnari, zardozi, or Multani embroidery dresses.

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