Pakistani ladies have a deep love for shopping, it’s kind of a source of entertainment and in some way, it provides satisfaction to them to wander in malls and buy a list of things for themselves, and the most craze is about the new collection of lawn each summer. The reason why the lawn is loved by almost all the Pakistani women is that it is easy on the skin and allows your body to breathe in the hot and humid summer. But still, it’s hard for ladies to select the best one for them as there are so many amazing options in the market and each one is better than the other. Here is a complete guide to select the best lawn to celebrate yourself this summer.

Limited Edition

There is quite a slim chance of something happening like this but since the hype of each brand is so much that you run into someone who is wearing the same lawn print as yours, and it could be your worst nightmare. If you are concerned about this factor, then go for the brands who are offering limited edition units so you stand out unique in the party.


The type of competition brands have in the market, it is likely possible that they will offer a low-quality product to cut down the price of their lawn. But you would never want a lawn suit which you can wear for once only. So, before spending a healthy amount on any brand, ensure the quality of the fabric and print.

Since we are talking about quality, you can get the premium quality ladies lawn suits in Pakistan from your very own Tasneem Shamim. Presenting you the all-new Roshane Collection 2019, don’t forget to check our entire collection on our website.


Summers are pretty hot in our country, but you can still look hotter by picking some bright colors for your lawn suit. Going for happy pinks, lemon yellow or, aqua-blue show the mood of the summers. It’s better to experiment with different new colors, rather than going for the usual colors of summer.

Digital & Block Prints

Since there are so many brands offering so many different styles and prints that you may find it hard to choose the prints that really are unique. The digital prints and block prints are getting the attention of ladies these days, so try something new this season and don’t settle for old granny style lawn prints.


If it’s hot out there than you can try something which gives a fresh look. No need to look like a flower vase but still you can choose some elegant floral patterns for a unique look.

Intricate embroidery

We know its summer and heavy embroidery is not for this season but intricate embroidery will give the best look around the neck or on the sleeves without annoying you in the humid weather.

Trendy & Chic Designs

In the old times, lawn dresses were about simplicity. But, in today’s world, with a little amendment in design and colors can give you a totally beautiful and glamorous look. Go for something different, try short shirts, long shirts, kurtis, buttons, laces, prints, dye, patterns, there is so much you can do with one piece of fabric.

So it comes down to how you evolve with your lawn dress, always try something new rather than going for traditional shalwar kameez. Be a trendsetter because it’s only you who can make yourself stand out in a crowd. To help you stand-out, all you need is the exclusive Tasneem Shamim latest lawn collection for women. Order it online and get it delivered at your place in Pakistan.