Summer wardrobe updates with full of light and breezy fabrics to beat the heat and chaotic print kurtas. Whether you are looking for classic traditional or minimalistic designs, Tasneem Shamim, makers of the finest ladies designer wear in Pakistan, brings you the best kurta styles for women in 2020;

1. Tail style

Tail kurtas are in trend nowadays which is shorter from the front and long from back and this trend has been incorporated by brides as a western-style but now popular in Pakistan as well. It can be paired with palazzo, trousers, jeans, and shalwar. 

2. A-Line style

Most popular kurta style fabulous in the young generation with flares down from one side of the shirt and depend on you whether you take it to the calf or knee. It can be worn with Capri, trousers, and jeans.

3. Flared style

This style of kurtas has flared on the bottom of the shirt not hugging the body and looks great on tall bodies. It is paired with ankled jeans, cigarette pants, and trousers.

4. Angrakha style

This is originated from the ancient style of the shirt as it looks like overlapping one part of the shirt onto the other and have a slit downward. The chest is tied with the straps and latkans. You can wear it casually as well with jeans, trousers, and a shalwar.

5. Kaftan style

This style kurta is fabulous for young girls and has become the most wanted and sophisticated one. With embroidery on the neckline or printed, it has a cool and casual vibe and looks gorgeous in the summer season. It is the best shirt to wear at beaches and can be worn with tights, plain trousers, and bell bottoms.

6. C- Shaped style

High-low or C shaped can be confused together but the front has a fixed specific shape which makes a difference. It can flaunt your curves and look good to wear on casual days.

7. High-Low style

Nowadays it has become a trend of a shirt with high front and low back just like gents dress shirts. The kurta is designed for a feminine look and style is appropriate which pairs with jeans, skirts, and pants.

8. Digital Print style

Digital printed lawn shirts for the summer season are huge in demand people like to wear a soft light in color and stylish kurtas. It gives you a stylish look whether you wear it casually or for office work with trousers.

9. Embroidery style

Some kurtas come with heavy embroidery and some are with light according to the occasion you can wear them with pants.

10. Slit style

The slit in the kurta is in fashion and has become the trend of the outfit. One slit on the front shirt makes a smart and hot look pair with pants.
Here you go ladies, try out these top kurta designs and bring variation in your wardrobe. Since you are here at Tasneem Shamim, check out our whole new designer lawn collection of 2020 “Talween” and place your order on our website or give us a call at +92-21-38897223.