Everybody wants to know how to look stylish, and they probably should have known what goes perfect according to their body shape. Style is not such a fascinating or luxurious dressing but picking one to enhance your natural beauty and appropriate for you. Always remember you do not have to let something totally out influence you but bring life in your appearance. Tasneem Shamim Clothing highlight some basic things that shouldn’t be neglected while styling yourself with dresses.

1. Wear Clothes That Flatter Your Shape

The top prior thing is that always wear clothes according to your body shape and you feel good in it by flattening look. The perfect and effortless style is supposed to be subtle to get the elegant, expensive and stylish look with well-fitted clothes. Wear a dress that makes your body look flat with perfect height and in proportion equally.

2. Style And Tones

You may have seen a woman with no sense of styling wear such dresses that don’t go with their skin tone and looks weird whether itsa hundred dollars dress. Typically most of the woman wear black for formal affairs that is safe and works well but don’t be afraid of wearing other colours while it should follow your skin tone. The formal dresses you wear should have a graceful and captivating look with the parallel proximity of colour and style. Always choose the method that suits the occasion and meet the event requirement.

3. Stick To Classic Cuts

Wear a dress based classic look not only to keep an eye on the trending fashion industry that you follow like a broker to watch the stock exchange. Appropriate dressing style should be captivating not the lame looking by wearing a dress you tossed yourself into so better to go with classic cuts which save you years. Like a woman should not wear floor-length casual dresses but knee-length.

4. Place And Time Matters

The other thing is needed to remember that the clothing should be suitable according to the occasion as well as the timing like it’s a day-out or evening party. Obviously, according to your age as well as do not overdress nor underdressed by trying to give you a stylish look, no need to become alien. It would be best if you had dressing properly according to the time, event and age like Kurtis apparel for casual occasions, embroidery, fancy or expensive for party events.

5. Avoid Busy Prints And Textures

Do not wear busy prints and textures like fuzzy, feathered dresses as they are seasonal and look outdated in a year. So try to be stylish by keeping the clothes across the decades, not months. You can check out the whole new collecting of ladies designer wear in Pakistan at Tasneem Shamim.


Styling doesn’t mean to buy expensive clothes but to look luxurious and lush by making cheap clothes for the costly look and investing in it. You can select luxury items that are hard-to-fake such as a sweater, wool coat, etc. take your wardrobe up notch. So having limited numbers of suitable dresses are better than a massive amount of cheap dresses.

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