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Plum | 3-Piece Suit | LawnPlum | 3-Piece Suit | Lawn

Plum | 3-Piece Suit | Lawn

In the tapestry of Plum Muse, "Nazm Vol. 2" unfolds a unique chapter, where each yard of fabric holds the essence of an extraordinary design and embroidery—a poetic celebration of style and individuality. Items Include: Dyed Lawn Embroidered Shirt (3.15 Yards): A canvas of...
From Rs.11,500
From Rs.11,500
Peach Blush | 3-Piece Suit | LawnPeach Blush | 3-Piece Suit | Lawn

Peach Blush | 3-Piece Suit | Lawn

Experience the Peach Blush Elegance 3-Piece Suit, a testament to individuality and grace. Explore the collection and redefine your style. Items Include: Dyed Lawn Embroidered Shirt (3.15 Yards): Immerse yourself in soft allure adorned with intricate embroidery—a narrative of timeless beauty.Embroidered Sleeves Border on...
From Rs.11,500
From Rs.11,500
Pearl Gray | 3-Piece Suit | LawnPearl Gray | 3-Piece Suit | Lawn

Pearl Gray | 3-Piece Suit | Lawn

In Pearl Grey Radiance, this 3-piece suit unfolds a chapter of style, where each design and embroidery tells a captivating story of individuality and elegance. Items Include: Dyed Lawn Embroidered Shirt (3.15 Yards): Wrap yourself in 3.15 yards of Pearl Grey sophistication, adorned with...
From Rs.11,500
From Rs.11,500
Blue Ocean | 3-Piece Suit | LawnBlue Ocean | 3-Piece Suit | Lawn

Blue Ocean | 3-Piece Suit | Lawn

Embark on a journey of elegance with Blue Ocean's Eastern 3-piece symphony—a mesmerizing fusion of digital printed lawn, delicately embroidered organza, and captivating design. Items Include: Digital Printed Lawn Shirt (3.25 Yards): Immerse yourself in the Azure Serenity with 3.25 yards of digital printed...
From Rs.12,500
From Rs.12,500
Lemon Yellow | 3-Piece Suit | LawnLemon Yellow | 3-Piece Suit | Lawn

Lemon Yellow | 3-Piece Suit | Lawn

Indulge in the charm of Lemon Yellow from our exquisite collection, featuring meticulously designed 3-piece suits that embody tradition and elegance. Items Include: Dyed Lawn Embroidered Shirt (3.15 Yards): Immerse yourself in 3.15 yards of Lemon Yellow sophistication, adorned with intricate embroidery—a timeless tale...
From Rs.11,500
From Rs.11,500
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by tasneemshamim-estore Admin 28 May 2021

As we are seeing in our news feeds and Instagram posts, Pakistan is very near to be the ‘next big thing’ in the tourism industry. Pakistan has so much to offer and if you are a fashion addicted, you will possibly fall in love with the traditional Pakistani dress and accessories which has been influenced by a variety of cultures. The exotic mixture of colors and spectacular creativity has led to the making of a huge range of clothing. Tasneem Shamim brings you a complete list of fashion items you need to buy for your next trip to Pakistan.


The Khussa is a traditional handmade shoe, made from vegetable-tanned leather and beautify with little small mirrors and colorful beads. The shoes can be worn daily as they are pretty comfortable and perfect for any casual occasion.


How come you never got attracted to the Ajrak? Even though it’s just a shawl but the traditional Sindhi colors and designs give it a whole new look. It goes for both men and women, especially if you are wearing a black kurta shalwar.

Peshawari Chappal

Named after the great city of Peshawar, the Peshwari Chappal is famous among the Pashtuns and all over the country for its comfort and unique style. Even the English designer, Paul Smith, tried to come with the same design but got criticized for copying and selling it under the price tag of £300, which is easily available in Pakistan the sandal costs as little as £15!


Bangles never go out of style, either they are of metal or plastic. They are commonly worn on wedding days or even on casual events. Apart from any other jewelry, bangles are one of the most simple yet look beautiful on every woman’s hands.


No wedding can ever be complete without Mehndi. It is one of the ladies most favorite in Pakistan when it comes to decorating their hands and feet. A bride isn’t ready if her hands are not beautifully designed with henna, adding pure elegance to her overall beauty.

Pashmina Shawl

Pashmina means ‘Soft Gold’ in Kashmiri, it is a handspun colorful Shawl made from priceless cashmere fibers, creating a lovely soft and beautiful wrap that will brighten up your wardrobe.

Shalwar Kameez

The traditional Pakistani shalwar kameez is famous around the world, worn by both men and women, and is known as a national dress of Pakistan. The Shalwar is a loose, airy, and comfortable trouser. The Kameez is a long tunic, made to be worn both casually and formally. This outfit revolutionized especially for the women when the Pakistani lawn designers brought detailed embroidery and sequence work in the market, made ladies go crazy to get their hands on the latest designer lawn in Pakistan. You would see women flaunting beautifully designed lawn suits during festive occasions, which was once considered to be only for normal everyday wear.


For a royal look, men wear the Sherwani, mostly on their wedding day. It is a long garment originally worn by the Mughal royalty, and later adopted by our great Muhammad Ali Jinnah. In all this time, Sherwani hasn’t changed much except now would see some different variations of intricate embellishments and embroidery.


This is the time of the year when the latest lawn designs are coming out and the markets are filled with ladies, trying to get their favorites. If you want to save yourself from the hassle, visit Tasneem Shamim lawn online and find the best lawn suits of this summer 2019. Check out now!

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