Can Clothes And Shoes Bring COVID-19 Into The House?

COVID-19 is a pandemic disease and the world is suffering from casualties and deaths in millions rate. Though there are no such cases have been reported that the coronavirus is transmitted by clothes and shoes. But you should be careful with frequent use such as while laundry takes precautionary measures. Since the washing detergent is enough to kill the virus however all the information is based on publicly available data so it could be true or not. Tasneem Shamim, the leading makers of designer lawn in Pakistan, brings you some useful info you need in this time of pandemic;

Clothes Are Low Risk

COVID-19 is a mysterious disease with no cure until yet there are always more things to know about it. So if you rush to the grocery market and come back soon to make it a worthwhile visit, then the chances are less and coronavirus won’t come with your clothes and shoes. The clothes are no source of transmission of the virus according to the medicine physicians.

This virus is a flu-like respiratory illness and caused by the novel coronavirus and spread by droplets of an infected person. So it is highly contagious if someone cough and sneeze close to you then you can also get infected. Well, the virus keeps alive outside the human body on different surfaces as experts estimated the duration in which these can be transmitted if touched.

Corona Doesn’t Stay On Clothes but Metals

The coronavirus can survive on the metal and plastic for 2-3 days whereas clothing isn’t considered a material conducive or keep it alive. As the research said that clothing is not an incubator of viruses, however, humidity and moisture play a significant role in the survival of the virus. Though coronavirus does not transfer through clothing, but it’s better to laundry your clothes immediately.

When You Should Take Extra Precaution with Clothes

Most of the time coronavirus spread can be possible only to the health care workers who are working 24 hours a day with the infected people so they should use the laundry. Whenever you go to the grocery shops and unable to keep social distancing and someone directly sneeze on you than washing clothes is good.

For preventive measures, it’s better to wash your hands frequently and stay clean and laundry your clothes. Social distancing is the only best way to avoid transmission of the coronavirus and washing clothes when in doubt.

What about Shoes?

Shoes can be a source of bringing contaminated dirt to your home as a new study shows that COVID-19 can live on soles of the shoes by CDC. This was acknowledged by the research of taking samples from the soles of the ICU doctors of China. The result was positive for half of the samples. So that it led the researchers that soles of the medical staff can be carriers of the virus.

Well, it’s not a risk though as what you do to the shoe is natural, such as you don’t keep it on the kitchen table, or put shoes in the mouth or any other part. So shoes are already considered as dirty objects but for safety measures, you need to clean off your shoes before entering a home or leave them at door.