Move over fancy mermaid gowns and cocktail dresses when you have the traditional Ghararas and Shalwar Kameez. Tasneem Shamim will take you down the timeline of fashion and how it evolved in every region around the world and we’ll see the color and designs of different cultures intermixing with each other, bringing out new fashion trends, sometimes way too gorgeous or too hideous at times. But as far as the South Asian region is concerned, we’ve still preserved our beautiful traditional dresses and styles. Most of the trends and dresses are originated from North India, South India, Sri Lanka, Kashmir, and more. We use a variety of fabrics and colors, which makes the native cloths popular among the international markets too. So come with us and take a look at some of the loveliest dresses in the Indian subcontinent.


It seems like Ghararas has lost their touch but you will still see it widely in the wedding events of the subcontinent. It’s beautiful though, a mid-length shirt, wide legged bottoms which are ruffled at or right below the knee so that they have a noticeable flare, and a dupatta (veil). It used to be everyday wear for Muslim women in the era of Nawabs. Gharara is without any doubt, a pure classic, but it’s not quite comfortable to walk in gharara, which reduced it for main events only.


Churidar Pajamas has always remained trendy, they are comfortable and chic. It is a type of a pant which tightens around the ankles forming distinctive ringlets, the reason behind their name. They give a really cute look either worn underneath a long kurta or short kurta (tunic) with a dupatta.


This suit is the most common and popular among the ladies of the subcontinent, especially in Pakistan. The main reason is they are very comfortable for all-day wear. Consisting of a loose trouser-like pant (shalwar) and a tunic (kameez) which can be either long (to your feet) or short (up to the knees or right above) with a dupatta. They were always the number one choice for casual wear but the recent shift in the market has made them extraordinarily famous in the region. Lawn suits were once considered to be a cheap solution for casual wear but the designers have changed the spectrum and now you can find markets filled with top-class and expensive ladies lawn suits in Pakistan. So not only shalwar kameez are light and cool for a hot summer season but also have become the first choice for casual as well as party wear for ladies.


The Anarkali gives a very cute and elegant look, it has a long top which seems like a frock with pants which are usually churidars. It has inspired from the legend of the well-known courtesan Anarkali, who was in a relationship with the Crown Prince Salim. They are a fabulous choice for any festive season.


By far sari is the most widely worn garment by women in India and in other parts of South Asia. The sari consists of a drape ranging from five to nine yards of cloth in length with a width of two to four feet. There are numerous ways to drape it, the most common style is Nivi, which comes from the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Sari has the incredibly classy and graceful look with a pinch of royally. They are pretty comfortable and always appealing.

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