Since the situation is going to be more panicking, and people are fearful of handling certain things. Coronavirus is contagious, and you should be careful to keep you safe from the disease by taking precautionary measures. Many questions arise while adopting hygiene precautions,such as how to disinfect clothes. The new virus interacts with clothes as soon as you go to some gathering or social activity. You should avoid social media as well as there are some fake things which can fuss your mind. TasneemShamim, the makers of finest designer wear in Pakistan, brings you an expert research that will guide you thoroughly.

Coronavirus Stays On Clothes For Hours

Coronavirus is transmitted through droplets from a sick person that is sneezing or coughing or get in touch with objects and materials when contaminated. However, Centers for disease control and prevention suggests that it could remain on clothes from hours to days even if dried out. That means when dry, the virus gets inactive like putting the clothes in sunlight, but they are still searching more.

1. Fabric Material

According to the CDC, the duration of the virus depends on the fabric material; some are catchy, dry the virus particles, and break them apart, but some like leather can be wiped clean. Polyester spandex retains germs more than a cotton-based fabric, so always wash your leggings and underwear daily because they can be contaminated soon. The virus remains on plastic or stainless steel like zippers or shirt buttons for 2-3 days.

2. Laundry Your Clothes

Most of the individuals use washing to clean clothes, but since social distancing is restricted, people are helpless to wash their clothes. Wash your clothes in the machine by taking precautionary safety, such as wearing gloves, masks, and not touching your face and disinfect the surface. If you don’t have gloves, then use sanitizer or wash your hands with soap for 20-30 seconds.

3. The Moderate Temperature While Washing Clothes

Hot washing like 80 degrees Fahrenheit in the machine will help to kill the virus or clean the contaminated clothes or dryer will inactive the virus. But do not boil your clothes; it will ruin the material of your clothes, so stay calm and don’t be panic while washing your clothes.

4. Detergent Use To Wash Clothes

Use a detergent that contains bleaching effect in it to remove the clothes because of the harsh environment virus won’t sustain on the fabric. You can search online for such detergent available to disinfect clothes.

5. Hand washing is better

If you are facilitated a washing machine at home, then you can easily wash your clothes by hand. You can wash your clothes by putting hot water in the tub.

6. Washing schedule

Always remember if you are washing clothes ina crowded area, you should remove the clothes when getting back home and wash them too. Because your hand’s arms may have touched the contaminated surface of the laundry place doorknobs or handles.

7. Wash clothes daily if exposed in gatherings

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the world, so keeping yourself safe, you need to wash your clothes daily if going outside. It is recommended to stay home and save the lives of others, but if you are still working out, then you should wash them regularly. Or even place the clothes in some separate bag.

8. Sick people clothes

Sick people’s clothes should be washed separately for safety measures.

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